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Richard Zampella Recalls The Rainbow Room

Richard Zampella
Richard Zampella pictured in The Rainbow Room for Gourmet Magazine 

Richard Zampella
Richard Zampella Recalls The Rainbow Room
After the Rainbow Room had been reopened in 1986, a guest asked restauranteur Joeseph Baum how he had managed to improve the views so dramatically from the 65th Floor of the GE building. He told her that he had lifted all the Rivers and Bridges. Baum would later recall, "She seemed to be satisfied with that answer."

Joe was fascinated with all the great urban spaces in New York City where people gather together. He viewed them as market places of ideas serving a similar function to the Forum in ancient Rome. It was not surprising that one of his first projects; The Newarker, situated in the vast airport terminal at Liberty International, became his warm up exercise for a fast succession of spectacular restaurants with hospitality projects that soured above the bustling city plazas of the former World Trade Center and Rockefeller Center.

Baum's genius lay in the simple premise that it is the combination of ambiance, food and service that defines a great restaurant. He went far beyond the traditional ways of creating and running restaurants when he integrated the services and skills of fashion designers, acoustical and efficiency experts and consultants, including James Beard and Julia Child, but the part he enjoyed most was working with architects and graphic designers. Among his many colleagues were Philip Johnson. Warren Platner, Eero Saarinen, I. M. Pei, Mies van de Rohe, Alexander Girard, William Pahlmann, Philip George,
Hugh Hardy and Milton Glaser.

From the beginning, Joe knew architecture held the secret to realizing his vivid and revolutionary concepts. It was pivotal to his dreams- He was drawn to architects and designers whose intellect and cultural depths grabbed his ideas and were willing to wrestle with outmoded rules and blinkered thinking.

Richard Zampella will always remember the Rainbow Room fondly where he worked from 1989-2003

Richard Zampella: Film Opener Transmultimedia Entertainment

Richard Zampella is a documentary film producer who has created content for Warner Home Video and Paramount Pictures. Among his production credits are producer of Segeant York of God and Country, narrated by Liam Neeson. Inside High Noon narrated by Frank Langella and Cooper & Hemingway: The True Gen narrated by Sam Waterston. The later was chosen by the New York Times as a Critics’ Pic in October of 2013.

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Richard Zampella Producer of Cooper & Hemingway The True Gen

Richard Zampella

By Official NYC Movie Poster Cooper & Hemingway: The True Gen poster designed by Richard Zampella Date uploaded: Jan 28, 2014 © & ™ Richard Zampella, Transmultimedia Inc., All Rights Reserved

The Oak Room at The Plaza Hotel in New York City

Richard Zampella

By Photographed in The Oak Room at The Plaza Hotel in NYC Date uploaded: Jan 28, 2014 © & ™ Richard Zampella, Transmultimedia Inc., All Rights Reserved

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Richard Zampella: The Pierre Hotel in New York City

Richard Zampella at The Pierre Hotel in NYC
Born and raised in Northwest, NJ Richard Zampella was exposed to the world of food and hospitality at a young age; he took his first position at the age of nineteen when he accepted his first management position at The Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station under Jerome Brody and Mario Staub. He credits his father for introducing him to the culinary world which led him to a fifteen year engagement at The Rainbow Room under his mentor Joseph Baum.  He continued his experience working as restaurant manager in some of New York's best restaurants including Le Cirque, Aureole, and The Oak Room & Bar at The Plaza Hotel before being recruited as a Food & Beverage Manager of the Essex House Hotel on Central Park South.

Richard Zampella is the founder and President of the restaurant consulting company Zampella & Company. The restaurant consulting company provides numerous services, that include; restaurant interiors design, marketing, branding and online multimedia for hosptality projects in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

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Richard Zampella: The American Literary and Film Series Interviews

PRLog (Press Release) - Jan. 15, 2014 - NEW YORK -- TransMultimedia Entertainment has announced that it is remastering its standard definition library which includes over a 1000 hours of never seen before interview footage.

TransMultimedia will bring over 1000 hours of archival interviews featuring subjects of Classic Hollywood actors, directors, fashion designers, producers, authors and more into HD format for Blu-ray or new media exploitation in the years to come. A full list of subject matter will be released in the coming weeks.

Richard Zampella, Managing Partner of TransMultimedia, commented: “Our decision to remaster these incredible interviews not only allows existing fans to experience these historical stories of the golden age of Hollywood in high definition, but also encourages a new global audience to discover and see some of these interviews for the first time.

“We have an exciting and busy year ahead but are confident that our Blu-ray plans for these treasures will ensure that these informative and educational archival interviews will live on for generations to come.”

TransMultimedia is a New York based media company that produces content in all media throughout the world. Learn more on various preservation projects by Managing Partner of TransMultimedia, Richard Zampella at his Historic Continuance blog.

TransMultimedia produced the NY Times Critic’s Pick feature documentary in HD/Blu-Ray “Cooper and Hemingway: The True Gen” ( released in theaters in 2013 as well as numerous multimedia projects.

Monday, January 20, 2014

The Point Lookout Chamber of Commerce Welcomes 2014

Richard Zampella Designs 2014 Business Guide
The Point Lookout NY Chamber of Commerce continues to make innovation its theme in 2014. “We are aware that in order to help our members flourish we must be thoughtful with our initiatives, says Chamber Executive Board Member, Richard Zampella.

Earlier this year, the organization launched its annual online presence with the Point Lookout Chamber of Commerce website. The site enhances local business exposure in order support the local Point Lookout, NY economy.

“Listing in the printed and online directory is an effectual tool for promoting our local businesses, and one that comes with nominal costs to members” added Zampella. “We want local consumers and businesses to shop with Chamber members first, and the directory and website will significantly help facilitate this objective.”

The Directory released its 2014 Membership Directory in December as an animated online flip book as an part of the chamber website. The online flip book format increases viewership from the 2,500 printed books to potentially more than 40,000 users in the greater Point Lookout area.

The Point Lookout Chamber of Commerce has over 50 members and supports local businesses by ensuring a strong local economy, promoting the community, and providing networking opportunities. The Chamber organizes numerous community promotions, including sponsorship of the Point Lookout Little League, The Annual Pumpkin Walk, the Fourth of July Parade, The Village Gardeners, the Welcome to Summer Party held in May and other programs to support the Point Lookout economy.
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Grand Central Station: Gateway to the World by Richard Zampella

Richard Zampella
© 1988 Richard Zampella: Grand Central Terminal

My first job in the city of New York was in 1987 as the Dining Room Manager at the Oyster Bar at Grand Central Station. This was prior to the renovation of the terminal which would return it to its former glory.  Back then, the windows were still covered with the black paint that was intended to guard against aerial bombings of New York during World War Two. The interiors were coated with layers of black soot from years of coal powered trains entering and exiting the station compounded by years of neglect.

Just 12 years prior, the building has been threatened with demolition. Were it not for the efforts of people like Hugh Hardy, The Municipal Arts Society and Jaqueline Onassis, Grand Central Terminal would have been relegated to the scrap heap of our collective memory.

I took this photograph in the year of Grand Central’s 75th Anniversary. In 2013 the building celebrated it’s 100th Birthday.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Richard Zampella Restaurant Design Portfolio Now on Tumblr

Richard Zampella’s food service career spans nearly three decades, most of them spent at a fifteen year stint at The Rainbow Room in Rockefeller Center under restaurant impresario Joseph Baum. Zampella’s career began in 1987 when he began his career as Dining Room Manager at The Oyster Bar in Grand Central under Jerome Brody and Mario Staub.

Subsequently, Zampella managed Thee Oak Room and Bar at The Plaza Hotel where he caught the attention of Atif Youssef, then Vice President of Sheraton Hotels, who recruited Zampella to serve as a Food & Beverage Manager at The Essex House Hotel on Central Park South.

In 2001, Zampella parlayed his expertise to found Zampella & Company, a collaborative team of hospitality experts that consults and develops restaurant concepts in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

When not consulting or lecturing on hospitality subjects, Zampella serves as the Managing Partner of Transmultimedia, Inc., a creative services agency with offices in New York City and on Long Island which recently produced the feature length documentary, Cooper & Hemingway: The True Gen.  The film focuses on 20 year friendship between writer Ernest Hemingway and actor Gary Cooper. and received a Critic’s Pick from The New York Times in October of 2013. Zampella supports many non-for-profit organizations and serves as President of the Point Lookout Chamber of Commerce in Nassau County.

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West Milford had a great loss on this date in 1992


It was 22 years ago today on Jan. 9, 1992 that Arthur Dante Louis Zampella, M.D. was stricken with a heart attack while caring for the patients in his Idylease medical office in the Newfoundland section of the Township of West Milford.

Zampella’s accomplishments in serving the municipality and its people were already notable. At the time of his death he had proposed and planned to do so much more. But this was not to be.

The winter weather was bitterly cold on Jan. 9, 1992. It was a typical day at Idylease with a waiting room full of patients in the doctor’s office. As usual Zampella was taking time with each one – never tiring of listening to what they had to say and offering fatherly advice along with administering needed medical care to them.

The nursing home in the main building was operating smoothly and the patients were being tended to by the caring staff chosen by Zampella. As Idylease staff public relations person I was in the business office preparing advertising copy for the facility with Business Administrator Neil Malloy.

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Dr Arthur Zampella: 22nd Anniversary of his Death

Dr Arthur Zampella
May 15, 1917 - January 9, 1992

Dr. Arthur Zampella lived at Idylease on Union Valley Road in West Milford Township. For thirty eight years he lived in a house by the side of the road, as the poem goes. He was a friend to all men. Immune to the paranoid fears of litigation felt by so many of his colleagues, he never failed, day or night, to rush to the aid of anyone sick or injured. He pushed himself physically and financially to bring expensive equipment, diagnostic aids, and specialist associates to cover as many services of medicine as were physically possible to service his community.

A geriatric specialist, no one observing his quiet, self-effacing manner would ever realize that he had, for many years, serviced our youngsters in their schools, on the playing fields, in the Cub and Boy Scouts, the YMCA and actively participated on youth counseling boards.

Perhaps a wife and five children gave him an early start on the last. From the Police Athletic League, to the police body itself, his energies are always available officially as well as a friend.

His offices, memberships and awards are far to numerous to mention here, but they run the gamut of such extremes as the Federal Aviation Agency to the New York Athletic Club to the churches of our community.

From infants, to youth, to geriatrics, in almost every phase of
medicine and philanthropy, he served our township not only for the affluent, but especially for the poor and elderly who have never suffered at his hands either medically or financially.

He was much, much more than a Citizen of the Year; he was an outstanding, quiet servant for us for several generations. I seriously doubt, that however hard we tried, we were ever be able to repay him fully.

January, 26, 1990

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Richard Zampella Producer of Sergeant York: Of God & Country Narrated by Liam Neeson

Narrated by: Liam Neeson
Written & Directed by: John Mulholland
On Camera Participants: Maria Cooper, Joan Leslie, June Lockhart, Michael Birdwell, M.Z. Ribalow, and Film Historian Robert Osborne.
Produced by: Richard Zampella

This Documentary produced for Warner Home Video entitled Sergeant York: Of God and Country runs 38 minutes and 55 seconds as it mixes movie clips, archival materials, and interviews. It includes on camera interviews with authors Michael Birdwell and MZ Ribalow, actors June Lockhart and Joan Leslie, Gary Cooper’s daughter Maria, and film historian Robert Osborne. The film chonicles how Alvin York's story was brought to the screen; and explores York’s restrictions and requirements. The film follows casting decisions, war-related issues of the era and script development, performances, characters, shooting topics and production problems. Watch the story behind Gary Cooper's Academy Award winning role.

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