Thursday, January 9, 2014

West Milford had a great loss on this date in 1992


It was 22 years ago today on Jan. 9, 1992 that Arthur Dante Louis Zampella, M.D. was stricken with a heart attack while caring for the patients in his Idylease medical office in the Newfoundland section of the Township of West Milford.

Zampella’s accomplishments in serving the municipality and its people were already notable. At the time of his death he had proposed and planned to do so much more. But this was not to be.

The winter weather was bitterly cold on Jan. 9, 1992. It was a typical day at Idylease with a waiting room full of patients in the doctor’s office. As usual Zampella was taking time with each one – never tiring of listening to what they had to say and offering fatherly advice along with administering needed medical care to them.

The nursing home in the main building was operating smoothly and the patients were being tended to by the caring staff chosen by Zampella. As Idylease staff public relations person I was in the business office preparing advertising copy for the facility with Business Administrator Neil Malloy.

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