Thursday, January 9, 2014

Dr Arthur Zampella: 22nd Anniversary of his Death

Dr Arthur Zampella
May 15, 1917 - January 9, 1992

Dr. Arthur Zampella lived at Idylease on Union Valley Road in West Milford Township. For thirty eight years he lived in a house by the side of the road, as the poem goes. He was a friend to all men. Immune to the paranoid fears of litigation felt by so many of his colleagues, he never failed, day or night, to rush to the aid of anyone sick or injured. He pushed himself physically and financially to bring expensive equipment, diagnostic aids, and specialist associates to cover as many services of medicine as were physically possible to service his community.

A geriatric specialist, no one observing his quiet, self-effacing manner would ever realize that he had, for many years, serviced our youngsters in their schools, on the playing fields, in the Cub and Boy Scouts, the YMCA and actively participated on youth counseling boards.

Perhaps a wife and five children gave him an early start on the last. From the Police Athletic League, to the police body itself, his energies are always available officially as well as a friend.

His offices, memberships and awards are far to numerous to mention here, but they run the gamut of such extremes as the Federal Aviation Agency to the New York Athletic Club to the churches of our community.

From infants, to youth, to geriatrics, in almost every phase of
medicine and philanthropy, he served our township not only for the affluent, but especially for the poor and elderly who have never suffered at his hands either medically or financially.

He was much, much more than a Citizen of the Year; he was an outstanding, quiet servant for us for several generations. I seriously doubt, that however hard we tried, we were ever be able to repay him fully.

January, 26, 1990

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