Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Idylease Tree Farm in West Milford , New Jersey

Idylease Tree Farm
Richard Zampella Manages Idylease Tree Farm Farm  

Idylease Manages our 100 acre property in cooperation with professional consulting foresters so as to ensure the long term sustainability of the forest for this generation and generations to come. Idylease Tree Farm is owned and operated by Richard Zampella who has oversite of the forest which has been managed for over 40 years. The previous Woodland Management Plan (WMP) was developed by Dennis Galway for the landowner in 2010. The plan expired at the end of 2020; A new plan has been certified which continues with the forest management under the guidance of Ridge and Valley Forest Management.

Thousands of trees stand majestically at the Idylease Tree Farm Farm in West Milford, NJ. Owner Richard Zampella helped plant the first trees in 1972 and has watched them grow into the present. “They were just seedlings an less than foot tall,” Zampella said “The Norwegian Spruce and Scott Pines are now over 70 feet tall.”

Zampella’s father started the farm and was awarded the Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year in 1991 for his efforts. Now, it has become a 2nd generation stewardship of the forest. “Forests like this are important,” said Andy Bennett who is the consulting Forester for Idylease. “Forests are like timber engines, they’re strong and they are growing a lot of cubic feet per acre per year.”

Bennett has worked in forestry for more than 15 years. He operates Ridge and Valley Foresty. He said the industry has undergone significant change and that Idylease Tree Farm should remain successful for several more decades. This is the farm’s third thinning in 50 years. He estimates the farm should still be in operation for at least another 50 years.

Visit Idylease Tree Farm Website for more information: https://idyleasetreefarm.com

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