Monday, April 15, 2019

Michael Karp Composes Score for Elmore Leonard Documentary

Michael Karp Completes Score for Elmore Leonard Documentary

NEW YORK, NY -- Michael has received two Emmys and one Emmy nomination for his work and is an eleven-time recipient of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers' prestigious "Most Performed Television Theme" award and the winner of the "Special Distinction" award for "Affirmation for Strings", a work for the concert stage. From works for large orchestra to solo instruments - such diverse music as rock, pop, rhythm and blues, alternative, punk, rap, hip-hop, jazz, world and classical - Michael's music transcends all styles and genres.

Whether enhancing the beauty or majesty of the Olympics, or adding excitement, drama and raw energy to New York Yankees Baseball, Major League Baseball's, World Series, International, or HBO's, Greatest Sports Upsets, Michael Karp's music excites. Whether underscoring the humor, emotions and cultural differences in National Geographic's, Worlds Apart, or providing the musical identity for Dateline NBC, NBC News' Presidential Election Coverage, or Operation: Freedom, Michael Karp's music inspires.

Having created music for all the major broadcast networks as well as many of the national cable networks, independent and affiliated stations and major broadcast syndicators, Michael brings a unique blend of experience, creativity, vision and understanding to his work - always striving for that perfect complement - when music and visuals combine to create a truly magical experience.

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