Sunday, October 29, 2017

Transatlantic Crossing on The Queen Mary 2

Richard Zampella on-board Cunard's QM2 Legendary Transatlantic Crossing from NY to Southampton -- October 20-27, 2017 -- The pinnacle of civility in travel.

The RMS Queen Mary 2 (also referred to as the QM2) is a transatlantic ocean liner. She is the largest and only major ocean liner built for the British Cunard Line since Queen Elizabeth 2 in 1969, the vessel succeeded the QE2 as flagship of the Cunard Line.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Richard Zampella Produces Best of Long Island Internet Teasers

Richard Zampella, Managing Partner of Transmultimedia Produces Best of Long Island Internet Teaser for Broward Limos on Long Island. Broward Limo has Been Nominated as The Best Limousine Service, Party Bus and Wedding Transport on LI for 2018. Zampella has designed website for Broward since 2011 and is proud of his association with the Long Island based Limousine
Company. Richard Zampella at Transmultimedia was also nominated as the Best Web Service on Long Island for 2018.

About The Best of Long Island Program

Identifying top quality among the countless restaurants, shops and family run businesses on Long Island is no small endeavor. But for the last decade, with your support, the Bethpage Federal Credit Union, we has sponsored the largest business awards program in the history of Long Island. The Bethpage Best of LI contest is a roadmap to the best, top-notch businesses and services throughout both Nassau and Suffolk counties, as chosen by the residents and patrons who rely on them. 

About Broward

Broward Limousine is the premier luxury ground transportation provider on Long Island providing transportation services throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. They have been in business since 1985,  having grown from a family business into a top notch, luxury transportation operation serving customers across the nation.

About Transmultimedia

Richard Zampella is the founder and Managing Partner of Transmultimedia, Inc., and is responsible for the management and business development of the company. Richard works directly with clients to identify, implement, anticipate and deliver technical solutions that maximize client's bottom lines. Richard is a Preservationist that has over 20 years of experience in technology, entertainment, licensing & marketing related fields.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Skipperdee's Defends Best Ice Cream Title in 2018 and Adds 3 Additional Nominations for The Best of Long Island

Richard Zampella
Skipperdee's In Point Lookout, NY Receives Four 2018 Nominations for The Best of Long Island

Skipperdee’s Ice Cream Shop located in Point Lookout, NY, announces its s nominations for the 13th Annual Bethpage Federal Credit Union Best of Long Island Contest. Skipperdee’s was awarded the title of Best Ice Cream on Long Island in 2017. Skipperdee’s is nominated in three additional categories for 2018 as Best Ice Cream, Best Bakery, Best Candy Store and Best Lunch Deal on Long Island for it’s afternoon tea service. Skipperdee’s invites the support of our guests, business partners and friends to vote for in the four food categories at 

The Best of Long Island annual contest has grown into the largest business awards program in the history of Long Island by identifying the best hospitality in the area. Each year, residents and patrons choose their favorites by voting in stages. Last year, 58,499 nominations were made and 780,243 votes were cast.

Skipperdee’s is pleased to have advanced to the contest’s final stage for 2018 by receiving enough votes to be chosen as a finalist in four of the the food services category. Best Ice Cream, Best Bakery, Best Candy Store and Best Lunch Deal.

The official voting period runs October 1st through December 15th, with voters allowed to cast a ballot once every day.

We are humbled to have been voted Best Ice Cream on Long Island in 2017 and thrilled to have been nominated in three addition categories for 2018,” said proprietor Richard Zampella, “We work hard to earn the confidence of our guests and provide gracious hospitality in a atmosphere that celebrates family fun, and to have been selected by those we serve is extremely gratifying.”

Long Islanders value the annual Bethpage Best of Long Island competition and the importance of a business being named The Best on the island!

About Skipperdee’s

What do you get when you cross an ice cream shop with a bakery, confectionary, coffee house, and toy store? You get Skipperdee's a celebration of all things sweet and fun. Drop in for a scoop of ice cream in flavors like sweet and salty pretzel or carrot cake, or warm up with an espresso, cappuccino, or other specialty drink. Or stop by for afternoon tea, which takes place each weekday afternoon, where they serve hot cups of tea alongside finger-sandwiches and desserts. Bakers work tirelessly to whip up cupcakes and other baked goods like macarons, while classic candies like Goobers and Chuckles await to delight kids young and old. Visit our Website at: Skipperdee's

Friday, September 22, 2017

Idylease: So the Legend Goes...

Video promo for a "Walking Tour of Idylease" on September 24, 2017 Sponsored by the Greenpond History Association and Hosted by Richard Zampella who is the Owner & Operator of Idylease.

For ticketing information visit:

Monday, September 4, 2017

Room Restoration at Idylease

Richard Zampella
Room Restoration Completed in August 2017 by Richard Zampella, Owner & Operator of Idylease
Richard Zampella
1906 Walnut & Mahogany Dresser Restoration from the Workshop at Idylease
For over 35 years Richard Zampella has envisioned an opportunity to celebrate the history and future of Idylease where he grew up on in Newfoundland, NJ. Consistent with the wishes of his late father, Dr. Arthur Zampella, the property along with it’s historic structure is finally under the stewardship of his son.  Majestically standing on Union Valley Road since the day she opened her doors to the public in 1903, Idylease remains one of Newfoundland's most beautiful and impressive structures.

Living at Idylease offers old world charm harking back to the popular resort hotel era that took place at the turn of the century in the Highland Region of New Jersey. Each room at Idylease is being meticulously restored to reflect the time when Idylease first greeted guests on New Years Day in 1903. Rooms are furnished with period decor and recall a time that celebrates the tradition of gracious hotel living.

For more information about Historic Preservation and Idylease Visit us on the Web at:

Friday, September 1, 2017

A Walking Tour of Idylease on September 24, 2017

Join us on Sunday September 24th at 1:00, for a walking tour of Idylease. The Greenpond History Association invites you to a gathering at the Historic Landmark located at 124 Union Valley Road in Newfoundland, NJ. The tour will be hosted by Richard Zampella who is the current owner & operator of Idylease. The tour will  highlight the role Idylease played in the early history of tourism in Newfoundland.

Construction of the Historic Landmark began in the summer of 1902 and took 8 months to complete. On New Year’s Day in 1903 Idylease opened her doors to the public, advertising the facility as a “Modern Heath Resort.” It had been the dream of owner, Dr. Edgar Day to construct a country escape where cheerful hospitality reigned for persons “wearied or worn with the ceaseless turmoil of the city.”

Dr Edgar Day Portrait
Edgar Day was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, but was no stranger to the area. His family owned a summer house on Dunkers Pond off Paradise Road for many years. As a young man Edgar spent his summers exploring the Newfoundland area. It no doubt made an impression on him, even after the family sold the summer home to the North Jersey Water Company that was acquiring land to build the water system for the City of Newark, NJ.

A graduate of the Long Island School of Medicine, Dr. Day choose to return to Newfoundland, as the spot to build his facility. He purchased 112 acres from the family that owned & operated Brown’s Hotel. At the turn of the 20th century. The Brown family owned a parcel of land in Newfoundland that exceeded 1,000 acres. There he set about the task of constructing an Inn that would maintain the most modern mechanical & sanitary systems that could be devised for the time.

Dr. Day was a proponent of “Nature Cures” whereby regular diet, scientifically administered baths, massage and exercise could cure a myriad of ailments. Dr. Day would employ a staff of Norwegian-trained massage therapists, and maintain facilities for the “most approved scientific apparatus for administering baths, sprays, and douches.” Potential guests, in the accepted social order of the day, were reassured by the policy boldly stated on the first page of the brochure: “Hebrew Patronage Not Solicited.” Idylease’s prohibition of tubercular cases reflected modern understanding of tuberculosis as a transmissible infection caused by bacteria.

Tragically, Dr Edgar Day would only live 4 years after the completion of Idylease, but his nephew George would continue on as the General Manager of the hotel until his retirement in 1920. Dr. Daniel Drake who had been the resident physician at Idylease after Days death, would go on to purchase the property from the Estate of Dr. Edgar Day. Also practicing medicine at Idylease was Dr.  Leo B. Drake, Daniels brother who was a 1917 graduate of the Harvard School of Medicine.

The Inn would flourish for several decades until the advent of the automobile would render the area obsolete as a tourist destination. The railroad, which had maintained a schedule of 13 station stops per day to Newfoundland, was facing an uncertain future. No longer tied the rails as the sole means of transportation, travelers could now drive to more distant locales such as the Adirondacks or the Poconos. At the peak of the tourism industry in Newfoundland, there where a dozen or so hotel that catered to the tourists that had flocked to the area. Most notable was; Brown’s Hotel, The Green Pond Hotel, and the Hotel Belair.

Dr. Drake saw the necessity in to keep the Inn functioning and in the mid 1930s, he concentrated to the needs of those suffering from Tuberculosis. It is ironic that after Idylease had prohibited tubercular cases for many years, it would cater exclusively to the disease. This change was a result of the failing tourism industry. The Inn would go on to be listed as one of several prominent Tubercular Sanitoriums on the East Coast. With the development of the TB vaccine, Dr Drake set about to treat those that had already been infected prior the vaccine. Slowly the patient base began to dissipate and Idylease would fall on hard times. Dr. Drake would shutter Idylease in 1943 an he passed away in 1951. Idylease would sit vacant for a period of ten years with the windows boarded up and its plumbing shattered.

Dr Arthur Zampella Portrait
Dr Arthur Zampella had graduated from the Boston University School of Medicine in 1943. He had always had an interest in geriatric care and the elderly. It was his wish to find a facility where he could practice medicine and serve the needs of an aging population. As a lifelong scholar, Zampella’s interest in this area were reflected in his authorship of many published medical articles, chapters and books on various aspects of aging, care of the elderly, as well as ethical, socio-economic and philosophic discussion in these fields. In a article entitled, “Sampling of the Attitudes of the Aged,” Zampella explored the dilemma of the aging process whereby the elderly are characteristically striped of their social identities after being admitted to a nursing homes. He felt that a sterile environment, devoid of a homelike atmosphere reduced life expectancy.

For many years he searched for a facility that would meet his vision and in 1954, he was introduced  to Idylease. Dr. Zampella purchased Idylease from the Estate of Dr. Daniel Drake and and converted Idylease into a Nursing Home. The renovated facility maintained a staff of 11 doctors and employed 65 people. Idylease Nursing home closed in 1972. Dr. Zampella operated Idylease as a congregate living facility until his death in 1992.

From 1992 to 2016 Idylease languished in uncertainty until the property was purchased by Richard Zampella, the son of Dr. Arthur Zampella. Since then, the estate has seen a resurgence with various restoration projects conducted on the structure.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Idylease Internet Teaser

Internet Teaser for Idylease: A Historic Landmark.
Created in After Effects by Richard Zampella who is the Owner & Operator of Idylease in Newfoundland, N.J.

He's the Last Word
Lyrics by Gus Kahn, music by Walter Donaldson
Performed by Broadway Bell-Hops

More info at: