Monday, September 4, 2017

Room Restoration at Idylease

Richard Zampella
Room Restoration Completed in August 2017 by Richard Zampella, Owner & Operator of Idylease
Richard Zampella
1906 Walnut & Mahogany Dresser Restoration from the Workshop at Idylease
For over 35 years Richard Zampella has envisioned an opportunity to celebrate the history and future of Idylease where he grew up on in Newfoundland, NJ. Consistent with the wishes of his late father, Dr. Arthur Zampella, the property along with it’s historic structure is finally under the stewardship of his son.  Majestically standing on Union Valley Road since the day she opened her doors to the public in 1903, Idylease remains one of Newfoundland's most beautiful and impressive structures.

Living at Idylease offers old world charm harking back to the popular resort hotel era that took place at the turn of the century in the Highland Region of New Jersey. Each room at Idylease is being meticulously restored to reflect the time when Idylease first greeted guests on New Years Day in 1903. Rooms are furnished with period decor and recall a time that celebrates the tradition of gracious hotel living.

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