Thursday, June 18, 2015

Richard Zampella: Multimedia Producer

Richard Zampella

Richard Zampella is Managing Partner of Transmultimedia, Inc. A New York City based creative services company. Over a span of the last decade, he has produced a number of special feature documentaries for Warner Home Video, Lionsgate Entertainment and Paramount Pictures.

Zampella launched his independent production company offering a variety of multimedia production services, from short web videos to feature length documentary production.

Zampella most recent projects include digital remastering of Margaret Meade’s New Guinea Journal that was written, directed and produced by Craig Gilbert who created the PBS series; An American Family.

Zampella is currently in production with Elmore Leonard: the Dickens of Detroit. Central to the project about this celebrated American author, is more than half-an-hour of never-before-seen interview footage with Leonard in which he analyzes and discusses how he started, why he wrote what he did and how he arrived at his lean, terse minimalist style of writing.

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